Tips & Benefits Which Will Help To Carry Out Proper SEO

Tips & Benefits Which Will Help To Carry Out Proper SEO

Introduction to SEO:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing traffic on your website and hence ensuring higher online visibility. It is achieved by optimizing your online content so that a search engine result yields the website as a top result for searches for certain keywords.

For example, if your website contains an article on android app development, then any search on ‘android app development’ should yield the name of your website on any search query.

Benefits of SEO:

Statistically, 67% of all clicks are usurped by the first five search results, according to Google traffic results. If you’re amongst the top search results, then your organic growth is very high.
An increase in traffic helps you maximise your business efforts and guides you towards your correct target audience.

It improves your brand credibility as being amongst the top listing is considered equivalent of being a reputable business.

Return on investment for organic search results are better as search queries denote a user’s eagerness for goods or services, this helps one capitalise from taking the business online and maximise the investment on web hosting, maintenance and other charges.

It also helps you generate leads and maintain them for a longer period as data obtained from SEO is permanent.

SEO Tips & Tricks:

  • Create a precise article with strong keywords and combine them with ‘power’ words. For example, replace “SEO Tutorials” can be replaced with “how to use SEO”, “Step by step guide for using SEO.”
  • Use a lot of infographics in your website, make sure you include keywords instead of permalinks and random names for images. can be replaced with for linked images on your webpage, avoid using names like 1234.jpg, instead, use poweryoga.jpg
  • Use interlinking of your web pages. Words in your article can be used as a hyperlink for pointing to other pages and articles on your website. Suppose you have a blog post about healthy eating habits.

You can frame a sentence like “Eggs are a rich source of protein.” A user will be redirected to your article on proteins and thus traffic is consistent.

  • Delete unnecessary clutter and uninformative pages from your website. Multiple instances of heavy images, flash graphics and plugins. This unresponsiveness on your webpage directs the user to other web pages.
  • Include variations of your keyword throughout your website. Say you write an article on “Formula 1 Cars”, be sure to include words like “Formula 1 Car weight”, “Formula 1 Car cost” etc so that when a user scrolls to the bottom of a search, he can find related searches with similar keywords.
  • Use analytical tools to monitor traffic and be wary of trends which attract or deviate users from your website. Use these tools as building blocks as sources of continuous improvement for building traffic.

SEO helps in having a great rank over the web page and thereby increasing the sales of a product.