What Do You Need To Do For Getting An Approved Lifeguard Certificate?

What Do You Need To Do For Getting An Approved Lifeguard Certificate?

There are a lot of people who love swimming and learn swimming. When we go to a public swimming pool, there are many lifeguards there who are meant to save us or anybody else in case of any emergencies. Swimming can sometimes be a little dangerous in case you miss a stroke or you drown in by mistake. These lifeguards don’t just stand there. When you want to become a lifeguard, it is very important for you to go through training and get a lifeguard certificate.

The pre-requisites:

Even to start the training, there are a few requirements. It is easy to get through if you are eligible enough.

The person taking the training must be able to swim a minimum of 6 lapses. There are a few things that he may have to prove. One of these is breath control. It is very important that the person needs to be able to have perfect breath control to be sure he could just dive in and save anybody in trouble. The swimming on the back or side is not allowed but it is OK to wear goggles. They must be able to thread for a minimum of two minutes only with their legs and not use their hands while demonstrating this. They should be able to exit without using the ladder. There are many more skills that the candidate who needs to get the lifeguard certificate has to have.

The main points they learn:

They are trained very well to prevent any kind of emergencies in the water. In case they are not prevented, they are also taught how to respond to it and save lives. Basically, when a person drowns, the first aid given is the CPR or AED. A lifeguard needs to know this as they need to keep the person alive and active until he can find help. The candidates are also trained to give these and also other first-aids that the affected person may need.

It does not end here. The person who needs to get the lifeguard certificate has to complete a written test and score more than 80% to pass. It is also required to maintain a 100% attendance and hence cannot miss one class as it is all about saving a life. There are also junior lifeguard programs in which children below 15 can train to be a lifeguard. People who get the certificate work on saving lives near boating places or swimming pools.