Why Quran learning is necessary for Muslims?

Why Quran learning is necessary for Muslims?

Quran e Kareem is blessing of Allah Almighty for Muslims. Quran e Pak revealed on the Hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him the last prophet and messenger of Allah Almighty.  Quran e Pak is heavenly and holy book sent on the last prophet for the guidance of the all peoples. It is the guidance book for all problems and has the key rules for the successful and better life. It revealed in Arabic language because of it revealed on the last prophet who belongs to Arab society. The life of the last prophet is the practical example of the Quran e Pak. His life guides the all people of this world about the successful and happy life. This book covers the all aspects of life. This book has the solution of all kind of matters. If someone have difficulty in something or feel hurdle for something this book guide about him in all ways. This book has many names. This book is known as many names. Today online quran teacher help in  learning of this book which is very necessary for the Muslims because the learning and recitation of this book calls the blessings of Allah Almighty and as well as guide them about the right path.

·       Quran is the book of blessings.

Quran e Kareem is the book of blessings for the Muslim Ummah. This book has the all principles of balance and happy life. This book guides the Muslim Ummah about wrong and right, truth and lie, and good and bad. The teaching of this book leads the Muslims towards success and the will of Allah Almighty. The recitation of the Holy Quran on daily basis is a way to say thanks to Allah almighty and ask for help in the life. The teaching of Quran e Pak tells the people how to done their routine plane done under the light of the Islam’s teaching. Teaching and recitation of this book leads the Muslims to get the nearness of Allah Almighty.

·       Quran teaches about the five pillars of Islam

Quran e Kareem teaches about the fundamentals of Islam. Quran e Kareem completely guide about the five basic fundamental pillars of Islam on which the building of Islam is construct. The five pillars of Islam are Shahadat, slat(Namaz), zakkat, siyyam (rozza) and hajj.  Quran e Kareem guides about the all basics and they way of performing these religious pillars. Quran e Kareem has the all information about Islam history and previous religions history and guides the all peoples about everything from every aspect.

·       Quran e Kareem has the solution of everything.

Quran e kareem is holy book of Muslims. It is the duty of the Muslims to recite this book on daily bases and as well as ponder on the teaching of the Quran e Kareem. The teachings of Quran e Kareem has surrounded the all aspects of life and solution of everything mansions in it. Muslims should follow and get help for all matters and problems from this blessing book of Allah Almighty which is the gift for its creation.