Should You Use Essiac Tea For Cancer?

Should You Use Essiac Tea For Cancer?

As our modern world knows all too well today, conventional forms of cancer treatment have its limitations. Practices involving radiation, chemotherapy, drugs, and surgery leave a patient susceptible to infection and future illness. Patients also battle psychological side effects that destroy their overall well-being and vitality. Are you looking for Where to buy essay tea?

The incidence of cancer rates continues to rise annually. Slightly trailing behind the number of deaths linked to heart disease, cancer is the second most leading cause of death in the United States as reported by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) Powerful and natural cancer treatments designed to aid the body in healing have been discovered but face opposition from public health agencies. One such alternative approach for the treatment of cancer is Essiac tea. Have you heard of it?

A History of Opposition

Rene Caisse was a Canadian nurse who learned of the possible healing powers of Essiac tea from one of her patient’s recovering from breast cancer. Based on its origin, the tea has also been referred to as the “Ojibwa Tea of Life”. Seeking to help humanity control cancer, Caisse started working with Dr Charles Brusch to formulate a herbal mixture and study its effects in people and laboratories in the 1920’s. we will tell you Where to buy essay tea?

Both Caisse and Dr Brusch promoted the use of Essiac tea as an affordable, effective and alternative cancer treatment. Facing the pharmaceutical and medical industries with wallets benefiting far too greatly at the profits from conventional cancer treatments, Essiac tea has not yet been approved for use as a cancer treatment drug by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Currently, the FDA lists Essiac tea as a new drug not generally recognized as safe

Despite the efforts of public health agencies to squash any investment into determining the safety and effectiveness of Essiac for research during clinical trials, it is perhaps the testimonials of Caisse and Dr Brusch’s patients which lead to the popularity of Essiac in the 1980’s. The herbal remedy of Essiac Tea can now be found in health food stores but lacks FDA testing and approval.

Herbs Promote Detoxification

In theory, the four primary herbs contained in Essiac better equip the body in the fight against cancer by detoxifying tissue, purifying blood and quickly eliminating toxic waste. Essiac originally contained the following 4 herbs:

Burdock root

The inner bark of slippery elm

Sheep sorrel

Indian rhubarb root

A later recipe known as Flor Essence contains the addition of 4 more herbs to the original formula:


Blessed thistle

Red clover


Essiac May Stimulate the Immune System

Conventional cancer treatments destroy an individual’s immune system which is why patients may supplement their diets with Essiac. Essiac may stimulate the immune system’s response to infection by efficiency detoxifying the body and therefore provide pain relief and improved health Companies that formulate the tea have made recommendations that conventional cancer therapy should not be used in conjunction with Essiac support. Such recommendations are based on the belief that Essiac tea cannot promote the healing of the immune system while no immune system exists to be healed. On the other hand, researchers propose that Essiac may benefit immune-suppressed individuals by enhancing the immune system . Clinical data remains limited.

A Concentrated Source of Antioxidants

Essiac contains high levels of the following antioxidants: flavones, anthraquinones, tannins and polysaccharides. Studies have shown that Essiac tea used at varying concentrations reduces the presence of free radicals by up to 84%. Free radicals can lead to DNA damage and trigger a series of adverse health responses. In fact, pharmaceutical agencies manufacture drugs derived from these antioxidant sources.  Adriamycin is chemotherapeutic drug designed to treat 13 various types of cancer and contains anthraquinones.

An even greater threat to cellular damage is superoxide radicals. Superoxide radicals have the ability to not only create cellular damage but also to activate other free radicals. Plant-derived polysaccharides have been valued in traditional Chinese medicine for its role as a powerful antioxidant. These healthy polysaccharides prevent against oxidative damage in the body by scavenging dangerous superoxide radicals.

Essiac May Reduce Cell Mutations

Attributed to burdock root for its high concentration of the antioxidant anthraquinone, Essiac may reduce cell mutations and therefore prevent tumour growth.  Anecdotal evidence has been reported by individuals claiming that they have experienced the regression of tumour size and severity of symptoms. These patients suffered from different cancer growths such as tumour growths on the skin’s surface including the face and lips, as well as patients with the uterus, prostate, and bowel cancer.

Animal studies have shown that treatment of Essiac is associated with a decrease in the ability of tumour cells to multiply. Although researchers also noted a decrease in the growth of normal cells, the herbal extract significantly prevented the proliferation of cancerous cells at a higher rate.

If clinical studies are funded and evidence supports these claims, it is possible that the conventional treatment methods could also be improved. If a tumor decreased in size as a result of Essiac treatment, risks associated with surgery could also be reduced. But if a cheap and holistic approach to cancer treatment was discovered to be effective and then approved, the cancer industry would have a decline in their profits.

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