Make the Best of your Match Predicting skills with points bet

Make the Best of your Match Predicting skills with points bet

If you are a huge fan of sports and have the knack of predicting the happenings of the match very accurately, here is a piece of good news for you–you can make money with every prediction that you make – how many goals will a particular player score, how long will the match last, who will score the next goal, which team will win the match and so on. So, keep your predicting skills ready and in this article, we shall see how you can make money with each prediction with points bet.

What is Points Bet?

Points Bet is basically an online sports betting website launched in Australia in 2017. It allows you to bet on any match with a minimum $10. A large number of games are listed.

However, it is a little different from other betting schemes because in points bet, your potential winning or losses are not fixed and are variable throughout the game. You can now bet on the gameplay duration, each player who scores a goal, of course on the winning or losing team and so on. In short, earnings depend on how right you are and not on just right or wrong predictions.

How does betting with Point Bet work?

If you bet wins by 10 points, you get 1x of your bet, if the win is by 20 points, you would get 2x and so on. On the other side, if your bet loses by 10 points, you lose 1x of stake.

For example, if you bet on Chicago Bulls for 200 points for a stake of $10 and the team wins at 250 points, you will win $10 * 50 = $500 effortlessly.

The same formula holds good even for the losses.

Other Offers by Point Bet

There are many types of betting offered. They offer no less than 500 bet types on NBA alone and over a hundred of them are not offered anywhere in the world. You can bet on the time of bet like the time of the first goal, first behind, time of a team passing a certain point and so on.

You also get to see what is the maximum earning or loss that you can incur in a particular bet so that you can take calculated risks here.

So, these were a few things that you needed to know about points bet and its offers. Happy Betting!!