Budget and Suitable Consumer of Weber Spirit and Genesis Series

Budget and Suitable Consumer of Weber Spirit and Genesis Series

Are you browsing through websites after websites to know more about the grills? Do you want to buy one of the Weber products but aren’t sure about it? Did Weber Spirit and Genesis reviews get you perplexed? If yes, then you might be still looking for answers. Your question would have reciprocity of answers regarding which Weber product would suit you. Your budget concerns would also be catered to with the pricing detail of both models.

If you are not new to the grilling market knowledge, then you might as well know that Weber hails with a reverenced image as it provides some of the best products to the market. Weber has developed its products in series and most famous of the its series are Spirit and Genesis series. They both are manufactured in a way that they cater to the needs of different users.

If you are a beginner and a tyro to this field, then Spirit series would suffice you. Spirit model is smaller in size and easily shift-able to places around. It does not have any warming rack or side burners. It is colored black with enamel coating.

It is also upgraded with the GS4 upgrades to coup up with other modern models. It also has an advanced ignition system and grease management system to provide a pleasant grilling experience. It has two shelves that are foldable as per convenience. It has solid grates of porcelain touch. If you need it for basic purpose and limited food preparation, then suits you perfectly. It is for small families and not so often grilling routine.

On the flip side, the Genesis model is way too advanced and larger in size for beginners. Its size makes it formidable to shift here and there. It hails with the three and sometimes four burners (along with side burners). Genesis model has grates (completely stainless) along with a heating too or rack that expert grillers look for. When it comes to the warranty of the model, each product eliminates the dilemma with a 10-year warranty by Weber.

Genesis models are ignitable with liquid gas as well. Their power output holds accuracy to the peak as they provide output through three burners. The accuracy of the power output suits the well-experienced griller. The iGrill 3 feature attached to it provides instant monitoring to time, temperature rate, and fire output through your android. Thus it suits the well-experienced users who are not new to the grilling game.


You would have guessed by now the differnce in budget. Of course, if there is a difference between the features of both, then there would also be a difference in the budget. Weber Spirit is considerably cheaper and affordable as compared to Genesis. Weber Genesis is almost two times expensive owing to its bigger size, advanced monitoring app, additional burners (with side burners too), and last but not the least, 10 years warranty on the top.


So, if you are looking for a low budget and basic grilling product for a small family and limited food preparation, then the Weber Spirit suits you. But if you are looking for healthy budgeted and a giant size machine equipped with advanced features and additional burners, then Weber Genesis is suitable for you.