Know About All The Fraudulent Of The Venus Detective Agency Noida

Know About All The Fraudulent Of The Venus Detective Agency Noida

There are a lot of detective agencies present in the cities that provide ensure to provide their customers with the service of providing them with the best of their services. These agencies are the ones that have employs appointed for the ones who seek any help if they want to search for any of their missing ones. They also provide them the service of inquiring about a person if one asks them to for a legitimate reason. These companies are also fraud at times. Such a company is Venus detective agency Noida that is completely fraud and does not fairly furnish its customers with the services they claim to offer.


What is wrong in this company?

This company is a detective agency in the city of Noida and is a well-flourished company that has a whole social presence and a well-known office as well. This agency portrays itself to be a very good one and takes up all the projects or the cases that come to them. Once they get a case, they charge the money and portray themselves as very responsible people and eventually they stop taking calls from their clients and just curb all the means of contact with them. Once they get the money in their bank account, they are least bothered about the services they promised to offer to their clients.

Is this agency fake?

Yes, this agency is completely fake and fraud. These people also fake a lot of their things on their online website as well. They themselves give fake feedbacks and reviews for their company so that people might fall for their trap and come to seek help from them. This is how their tactics work and people do fall for their trap and once they get in touch with them, they make sure that the clients are trusting them and laying their full faith in them. It is then when they ask for their charges to be paid and then they perpetually turn out to be something else and cut off all the contacts with their clients.

Therefore, this agency should not be trusted upon at all and this word must be spread so that no other person falls for their trap and worsen their situation in the time when they are in distraught because of something. This company or the agency should be shut down and made sure that they stop looting and plundering people in such a disgusting manner.