Cages for Parakeets

Cages for Parakeets

Parakeets are very small in size. They are a type of parrots, however, their size is much smaller as compared to the other parrots like a macaw or a cockatoo.

  • Wooden Parakeet cages:

The Parakeet cages can be made up of wood as well. The most appropriate wood that can be chosen includes almond, fir, fig, lilac, magnolia, and many others. Cages made out of these wood are great for the smaller birds. However, if the bigger ones are considered the different and more robust ones will be needed as these birds are quite stronger and can easily break through.

  • Quality of the cage and the material used:

Parakeets are known for chewing off the material. Therefore, it is important that if you are looking for a good Parakeet cages, make sure the material used is not easily chewed off or the bird would escape easily. The material used can also be a wire for the cages. The type of wire used is very important as some wires contain zinc that might be harmful if the bird chews a lot of it. This will be very harmful to the health of the bird. The owner must go for stainless steel or aluminum in order to keep their birds safely.

  • The type of cages:

The type of cages that an owner may need is the carrier cages. These cages are important while traveling. The owner can take their birds along with them even on a road trip or if they are planning to go on a hike. It will also come in handy if they are planning to travel in an airplane.

Then there are double Parakeet cages. These cages are double in size and they are used by the owners that are planning the breeding of the birds.

There are certain bird cages that include a play top. Parakeets are very playful, hence, anyone who is planning to get themselves a pair of this kind of birds then they should definitely go for a good play top in order to keep your birds entertained.

  • Easy to use:

The cage must have an easily replaceable floor. Parakeets are very messy birds. Hence, cleaning is quite essential every day. It is important for the health of the birds as well. If proper hygienic conditions are maintained the birds will live for a longer period of time.

  • Price:

An average Parakeet cage can cost as low as 50$ and as high as 200$