2018 selfie quotes:

2018 selfie quotes:

Develop your own style, show reality as only you know how to see it. Take advantage of everything you know about photography and technique and use it to achieve different results. Persevere, study, practice, reflect and you will see how little by little you will become a better photographer. Do not get obsessed with having the latest camera on the market. Take advantage of what you have and work to make the most of it and show everything you have inside. Study the technique, practice and know your camera. Only then will you be able to dominate your camera and make the most of it and that she will not dominate you. In the eye of my mind, I visualize a detail. The view and the sensation will appear in a print.

If it excites me, there is a good chance that it will make a good photograph. It’s an intuitive sense, a capacity that comes from a lot of practice. We have to tune in to our photographic drive. This is the place all inventiveness originates from. ┬áTo disregard your photographic drive resembles a little demise. It is the point at which you deceive your imaginative self. To not influence a photo when you to feel constrained to is relatively similar to gagging yourself. You can’t inhale without making that photo

Normally, when we need inspiration, we look at the works of our favorite photographers. We look for your photos, we observe carefully every detail, we ask ourselves what has that photo to captivate us and we analyze in detail the answer to try to reach those same results with our camera. But the great photographers have also left us another legacy as motivating to reflect on photography and appreciate it even more if it fits: its most famous appointments. Surely right now you just come to a phrase in your head, right? Are you looking for selfie quotes? Then you are at the right place, you can get the most amazing selfie quotes here!

In these phrases, concise and forceful, photographers express in just a few words all the wisdom that years and experience have given them. To collect all that knowledge and help you find inspiration for your next work we have compiled these phrases that will not leave you indifferent. Photography is for me the spontaneous impulse of a perpetual visual attention, which captures the moment and its eternity. The drawing, by its graphology, elaborates what our conscience has grasped at that moment. The photo is an immediate action, the drawing, a meditation. Following are the best selfie quotes;

  • My photographs are meant to represent something that you do not see.
  • You do not take a picture. You do it.
  • Having twelve good photographs in a year is a very good collection.
  • You have to ask yourself more. You have to start looking for pictures that nobody else can do
  • There are two people in each photograph: the photographer and the viewer
  • Which one of my photos is my favorite? One that I am going to do tomorrow
  • If your photographs are not good enough, it’s because you’re not close enough.