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Police Coins come in a range of shapes and sizes, varying from traditional triangles to pentagons, spades, and dog tags. A standard police challenge coin is about 1.75 inches.

Gold and nickel are the most common placing options for challenge coins, although other possibilities exist. Copper, black nickel, iridescent, or rainbow metalwork as well.

Custom challenge coins have even more style and material options. You can build the exact look you desire.

Challenge coins are cheap, costing $6-$13 each. Agencies will spend thousands of dollars purchasing them in bulk and receiving rewards.

Whatever tools a police contest coin uses, it must have the correct emotional meaning. Choose a station or unit name, essential illustration, and other elements to establish a meaningful design.

How and When to Use Challenge Coin

Earning a challenge coin is a token of honor for outstanding work. It also helps build harmony among fellow servants.

Displaying the coin in a safe position is one way to use it. Choose your home shelf or place to hold a copy.

It’s better to have your coin on hand if you want a coin check. More fun and public way to display off and use your police coin.

Coin search is a poker game used to decide who’s paying for drinks at a pub. Anyone with a coin challenge will and should compete.

Challenge coin past and coin check are blurry. The practice of betting on who had to pay for drinks can date back to Germany in World War II.

At the time, the pfennig was the German coin’s lowest value, and everyone who didn’t have one when the bill arrived was left with the beer tab. Service participants expanded on this practice instead of using their demanding coins.

A police challenge coin is an excellent way to get into this online. Whether you’re doing it right, you should know the coin etiquette challenges. Be sure:

  • First clarify rules.
  • Carry and display the coin.
  • Consider, issues may arise anytime.
  • Let the competitor state the words.
  • Never offer your coin to anyone.
  • Never drill a hole or damage it.
  • Invest in a coin.

As long as you pursue the rules, you will enjoy coin checks with mates and fellow military members. It would also allow you to still keep your coin with you.